St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface is a Roman Catholic Primary School in the heart of Tooting. We are a happy and successful school, committed to providing the highest quality of education possible within a strong Catholic ethos. We value good manners, respect for others and hard work. We want our children to leave our school with high standards of English and maths – able to contribute to society as good and responsible citizens who are proud of their Catholic faith.

Life at St Boniface RC Primary School

Dates for your diary…


Children gain the most from their education when they attend school regularly, on time and in a fit condition to learn.  

The school should written notification of reasons for absence.  These may be used by the Educational Welfare Officer.

The school will only authorise the absence of a child for exceptional reasons and only on receipt of a written note of explanation.

Parents are requested to book their holidays to coincide with school holidays.  A list of holiday dates is sent to all parents at the start of each year.  Holidays taken during school time will not be authorised.

Written permission must be obtained from the Head for any extended absence other than sickness.  

Children’s attendance and punctuality is closely monitored by the school and the Education Welfare Officer.