St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface is a Roman Catholic Primary School in the heart of Tooting. We are a happy and successful school, committed to providing the highest quality of education possible within a strong Catholic ethos. We value good manners, respect for others and hard work. We want our children to leave our school with high standards of English and maths – able to contribute to society as good and responsible citizens who are proud of their Catholic faith.

Life at St Boniface RC Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                                                   Mrs L Platts

Deputy Head/s                                               Mrs L Whitwell


Teaching Staff

Class S           Miss K Trebulova
Class T           Mr O'Connor
Class W           Mrs F Lynch
Class B           Mrs P Willat
Class O           Miss N Iqbal & Mrs L Brownlee
Class N           Miss S Pritchard
Class A           Miss E Begbie
Class C           Mrs F Carnevale & Mrs C Middleton  
Class E           Ms C Duncan  
Rainbow           Miss R Teague
Sunshine           Mrs A Moloney  
Nursery           Mrs P Collins    

Inclusion Managers:      Mrs J Singh and Mrs A Gordon

Nursery Nurses              Mrs P Keeling        Mrs T Dal Santo

Part Time Teaching, Teaching Assistants and Support Staff:

Mrs A Laidlaw           Mrs S Hernandez              Mrs L Timchishin           

Ms S Corrigan          Mrs V Mackiewicz             Mrs L Chrobak  

Mrs F Clark              Mrs M McDonagh              Mrs Panasowiec

Mrs G Budek            Mrs Barone                         Mrs Hennessy

Mrs G Power            Ms Healy                             Mrs N Brown                     

Mrs Finn                   Mrs D Panasowiec            Mrs M Osman             

Mrs J Biziorek          Mrs K Coyle


Admin Staff:

School Business Manager                               Mrs M Moss 

Premises Officer                                                  Mr S Bianconi

School Admin Officer                                         Mrs C Egan

Office Receptionist                                             Mrs S Herbert 


Meal Supervisors             

Mrs M Cormack       Miss P Jhugroo       

Mrs J Xavier             Ms C Henson                                                                        


updated 22/11/2018