St Boniface RC Primary School

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Enrichment Fund Donations

The Enrichment Fund at St Boniface Primary School pays for the Enrichment Curriculum - specialist teachers in Art, Drama, French, Physical Education and Music – all children from Nursery to Y6 benefit from this fund.

New Standing Order:  You should be able to do this through online banking, using the School account details enclosed. Reference please type your child’s name.

Or pay via Parentmail:  If you would like to make a donation of any additional amount, you can do so in Parentmail. Go to Payments/Enrichment Fund, and right at the bottom is a blank donation space.

For all money donated, of any amount, please make sure you return the Gift Aid declaration.  We are very grateful for all donations made to our Enrichment Fund.  Thank you.

Standing Order and Gift Aid forms:

Allowing our children to access specialist teaching in the broader curriculum (our Enrichment Curriculum - the creative arts, sport, languages and music) enables them to improve competencies in a wide range of skills while simultaneously supporting the development of their brains in ways that can improve their performance in the academic curriculum too. These enrichment subjects also impact very positively on the physical, linguistic and social development of our pupils – contributing to enhanced fitness and increased confidence. It is for these incredibly important reasons that we value our Enrichment Curriculum so highly at St Boniface.

In the past the school has been able to budget for Enrichment subject teachers within the school budget. The Governors (most who have had their own children come to primary school here) have always tried to avoid having to ask parents for monetary donations. However, we are now in a financial situation where, the only way we can fund specialist teaching in Art, PE, Music, Drama and French, is to supplement the cost using the Enrichment Fund (voluntary parent donations).

We really appreciate the difficult financial situation that families may be in currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are therefore asking any families who can afford to do so, to contribute £12.50 per child per month or a one off payment of £150.00 to enable us to fund our Enrichment classes.

We are very understanding of the fact that this may not be possible for all families, however, we wanted to be transparent about the cost of enrichment teaching, the very positive impact that we believe it has and the fact that the school budget no longer has the capacity to meet this cost. This information will help you to decide if you as a St Boniface family are able to start or continue donating to this incredibly important fund – the Enrichment Fund.