St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface RC Primary School

St Boniface is a Roman Catholic Primary School in the heart of Tooting. We are a happy and successful school, committed to providing the highest quality of education possible within a strong Catholic ethos. We value good manners, respect for others and hard work. We want our children to leave our school with high standards of English and maths – able to contribute to society as good and responsible citizens who are proud of their Catholic faith.

Life at St Boniface RC Primary School


Children are admitted to the school in accordance with the Governing Body’s published admissions criteria. Preference is given to baptised children of practising Catholic parents who live in St. Boniface parish.

Parents who are considering applying for a place at St. Boniface are invited to attend our open morning in November.  There is the opportunity to see the school in action, ask questions and collect the necessary application documents.

In order to make an application to St Boniface School, two forms must be completed:

1. Common Application Form

This form is available from your local authority here. Most local authorities now provide this form online with a brochure offering advice and information. The form must be completed and submitted by the deadline published in the local authority brochure.


2. Supplementary Information and Priest’s Declaration Form

This form is available from the school or on this page (titled: 'Supplementary Information Form') . Completion of this form is not mandatory; however, if one is not received the Governors will not be able to apply their admission criteria and the application will be considered under the ‘any other children’ category. 

The form needs to be completed and returned to the school by the same deadline as the Common Application Form.